Established in 1995, Mem-Star Distribution has become one of the leading and most dedicated trade companies in the UK to deal with Computer Memory and SSD and Flash Memory. We have worked to build long lasting and fruitful relationships with Value-added Resellers, System Builders and many Cloud Computing companies.

We work every day to maintain our primary, core strength: providing cost-effective 3rd party memory solutions for Desktops, Laptops and Server systems.

We have built up strong relations with many manufacturers over time, including Samsung, Hynix and Micron Sub manufactures which allows us to keep aggressive in our pricing and to be flexible in any market condition.

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What does the RAM we supply do?


Random Access Memory (RAM) is usually installed in Desktop, Notebook, Laptop, and Server Boards. RAM enables computers to operate more tasks at once and the more memory you have installed, the smoother your system will perform functions. Mem-Star supply competitively priced DDR Memory, DDR2 Memory, DDR3 Memory and DDR4 Memory for all the above type systems.


Will Third Party Memory Invalidate My Warranty?


A common question is: “If I buy third party memory will this invalidate the warranty on branded system?”

The answer is simply no. The truth is, no third-party product voids the original system warranty, and in addition to anti-trust laws, it violates the Magnuson-Moss Act or the European Union Competition Laws.

This means that you cannot be required to add the Manufacturers memory to maintain the warranty on the system. Additionally, the Original Equipment Manufacturer cannot state that the system warranty is void if you use other branded memory.

For example: If you purchased an HP Proliant Server and chose to install Mem-Star memory, HP cannot void the warranty or refuse to provide service to your computer.

For more information on the Magnuson-Moss Act please visit:

For further reading on the EU Competition Laws, please see:

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