Blog Upgrade Header Why it’s better to upgrade than to purchase a new server.
18 October 2021

At the heart of every high-performance server is great server memory. Upgrading the memory by increasing the amount of server…

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Save on OEM Memory Guaranteed savings of up to 50% off OEM prices.
21 July 2021

Need a Dell or HP module? Buy original memory like an OEM from Mem-Star. Stop paying for OEM labels. They…

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Volatile vs Non-Volatile Memory - What Are The Differences? Volatile vs Non-Volatile Memory – What Are The Differences?
25 June 2021

Volatile and non-volatile memory types are explained. Volatile memory loses its data upon power loss, while non-volatile memory keeps its content after a power outage.

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When To Upgrade Computer Memory When To Upgrade Computer Memory
10 June 2021

We’ve posted some tips for when you should upgrade your computer memory. Check it out here.

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A Guide To Installing Server Ram On Your Computer Its time to upgrade your Computer Memory.
24 May 2021

This post tells you when to upgrade your computer memory, how to do it and what the benefits are.

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Optimise Speed & Efficiency with Mem-Star Server Memory Optimise Speed, Efficiency and your IT Budget
14 May 2021

Optimise Speed, Efficiency and your IT Budget with Mem-Star Server Memory.

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Richard Smith 2 Warm welcome to Richard Smith
10 May 2021

Introducing the new employee, Richard Smith. We would like to wish him a warm welcome into the company.

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How To Upgrade Desktop Memory. How to Upgrade Desktop Memory
18 March 2021

If you need more memory on your desktop, this blog will show you the easiest way to upgrade from our local computer specialist. We’re here to help with all of your needs.

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Buy-Back Programme Mem-Star Launch Exciting New Scheme.
10 December 2020

Mem-Star are excited to announce a new Buy Back Programme.

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