Ensuring safe data transfer, maintaining secure storage of information, and allowing programme’s to run smoothly – just three examples of how important a good breadth of memory is.

For this reason, we have built up a solid base of contacts within our industry. This allows us to bring you the most suitable and cost-effective solution to your issues. With options suitable for Apple, Dell, and Cisco alike. We provide 100% matched solutions for all servers. This includes:

Poweredge R710
Poweredge R310
Poweredge 2900
Poweredge 2950
Poweredge R720
Proliant BL480c Server Blade
Proliant BL460c G6
Proliant BL465c
Proliant DL370 G6
IBM Blade Servers

Alongside this, we also offer a full range of Fully Budders (FB-DIMM) ECC DIMMs and Registered ECC DIMMs for your server requirements. Our teams are highly experienced in this field. We recognise that, while a server upgrade may be the most suitable solution, it isn’t always the easiest. This type of adaptation can be hindered by the need for Dual Channel, Tri Channel, or even Quad Channel installation requirements. There are also a host of rank issues and rules out there that can pose issues. This is why we work with the best team – a group of individuals who understand server memory through and through.

We’re here to ensure you find the right option for your trade server memory needs. If you have any questions, get in contact with our team here today.

Optimise Speed & Efficiency with Mem-Star Server Memory

Optimise Speed, Efficiency and your IT Budget with Mem-Star Server Memory.