Here at Mem-Star Distribution, we have spent over 25 years building ourselves up to become one of the leading trade suppliers of computer memory and flash memory. We work both within the Public and Corporate Sectors, supplying the right RAM upgrade solutions and memory products to fit exacting needs and budgets.

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By understanding the individual needs of our target sectors, we are able to work with the right suppliers. We have spent our time building strong relationships and getting into the working core of many businesses. Recognising the unique needs of technology within both the public and corporate sectors has helped to mold the foundations for our business. We recognise that the demands of different businesses vary significantly. In order to provide the best range of memory upgrade solutions, we must understand these differences to their core.

At Mem-Star Distribution, we work closely with both the public and corporate businesses. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the operating systems of an entire organisation, want to distribute products to your own customers, or are looking for a personal laptop upgrade, we strive to provide the right solutions. To do so, we also work with some of the world’s most respected brands, including Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, and more. With goals to continue supporting people as they make the most out of their devices, we are always expanding and creating more extensive ranges to support your needs.

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