If your computer is running slowly or freezing and you’re wondering when to install more memory? This article talks about how to recognize indicators of computer memory issues.

When To Upgrade Computer Memory

In this modern world, we are increasingly dependent on our computers. Whether we’re streaming videos from Youtube or sending emails to clients, RAM is a consideration everyone should make when working with their computer. Whether or not you need to upgrade your computer memory depends on several factors. And, having an understanding of the warning signs that tell you this time has come will ensure you don’t experience delays or lack of power when working on your computer. In this blog, we’ll look at when to upgrade your computer memory with the help of our experts here at Mem-Star Distribution.

What Is RAM?

Firstly, let’s get a clearer understanding of what computer memory is. You’ll likely have heard of the term RAM before, which stands for random access memory. And, this is what we refer to when we’re talking about computer memory. Your device will use the available RAM to temporarily keep information stored. RAM is what’s known as ‘volatile memory’ which means that, once the computer is turned off, the data/information stored is lost.

In regards to use, you use RAM when working with different programmes. For example, when you first download and use a programme, you’ll likely find that it runs slowly. But, once the programme has been opened, it will open easier the second time around. It is your RAM that supports this. The same goes for if you’re gaming – your RAM will save snippets of information along the way to help the game run more smoothly.

How to Tell If You Need More RAM?

There are a number of performance issues you’ll likely notice if you don’t have the required RAM within your system. These will include:


Modern computers are built to warn the user of any problems. One of the first signs you may notice are notifications that tell you that your system’s memory is running low.

Programs Not Responding

If you use your computer heavily, you may notice that multiple programmes or apps have difficulty running to the desired level. This is because there isn’t enough RAM to store those snippets of information needed to reduce disruption.


If you’re playing a computer game or streaming a movie, you may notice lagging or stuttering screens throughout.


Your screen may freeze mid-activity, increasing the risk of lost productivity and disruption.

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