HPE ProLiant DL120 Gen9 Server

HPE ProLiant DL120 Gen9 Server

HPE Synergy 480 Gen9
Model Specifications
Make & Model: HPE ProLiant DL120 Gen9 Server Memory
Memory Configuration: 256GB ECC RDIMMs (8x 32GB) 256GB LRDIMMs (8x 64GB)
Please Note: LRDIMM's & RDIMM's Cannot Be Mixed
Memory Speed: 2666MT/s
Memory Sockets: 8 Slots
Form Factor: DDR4
Memory Voltage: 1.2v
Important Notes: The upgrades below are 100% Compatible for your HPE Server.

Memory Configurator

Please rest assured the memory we supply will be approved memory modules and will not affect your OEM warranty's as we only use Samsung, Hynix & Micron original modules which are approved parts for HPE

Memory FAQ

Our configurator is the result of extensive work by the Server Memory team. We have dedicated many hours to meticulously review and match the right memory with your specific machine. This manual process ensures accuracy and compatibility for your device.

At Server Memory, our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. We understand how crucial reliable memory is for your systems. That's why we stand firmly behind the quality of our products by offering a generous 2-year warranty period with all our memory modules. This warranty demonstrates our commitment to providing not only high-quality products but also peace of mind, ensuring that if any issues arise with our memory within two years of purchase, we are here to support and resolve them promptly.

OEM Compatible memory matches the exact specifications set by the server manufacturer. The key point to understand is that there's no physical difference between this memory and what's labeled directly by the manufacturer. The primary distinction lies in branding - while it doesn't bear the manufacturer's label, it meets the same high standards of quality and performance. Choosing OEM Compatible memory comes with a significant advantage – it offers you the same reliability and effectiveness at a more favorable price. Essentially, you receive top-tier memory quality that aligns perfectly with your server's requirements, but at a cost that's more budget-friendly.

We prioritize fast delivery for all our memory orders, which is why we typically ship via DHL for next-day delivery. However, please be aware that in some very rare instances, it might take up to two days for your memory to arrive. Rest assured, these cases are exceptions, and we always strive to ensure you receive your order as swiftly as possible.

Server Memory operates from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. When you call our UK office, you can expect an impressively short wait time, usually just 5 to 10 seconds. Our team comprises experienced professionals who are experts in servers and memory. We're more than happy to assist you with installing your memory and resolving any issues you might encounter. Our goal is to provide you with knowledgeable and efficient service, ensuring your experience with us is as smooth and helpful as possible.

It's crucial to emphasize that each server possesses its own unique characteristics, even though the underlying concept remains quite similar. The initial step involves shutting down the server completely, ensuring there's no power connection whatsoever. Additionally, take precautions against static electricity by grounding yourself on a metal surface other than the server itself. RAM, being incredibly sensitive, can be adversely affected by even the slightest electrical discharge, potentially damaging the delicate microchips. With the server case removed, you'll gain access to the individual memory DIMMs (Dual In-Line Memory Modules). These DIMMs typically feature a pair of clips, one on each side. It's essential to release both clips carefully before extracting the old RAM modules. Once that's done, gingerly insert the new RAM modules and securely lock them into place using the clips. Afterward, reassemble the server case, power on the server to ensure the successful upgrade has taken effect.

Server Population Guide

  • If the motherboard can accommodate multiple CPU's, 2 for example, half of the DIMM slots will be unavailable.
  • Balance the DIMM's between the processors if there is multiple installed.
  • Although our configurator is almost always correct, if your unsure on anything such as memory ranking or if it'll work with existing memory, then please reach out.
  • If installing memory into a machine with existing memory, Ensure you match the rank of the existing memory with the new memory, you can find this in the memory product description.

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