Server Memory & Workstation ECC Ram Deals: The Mem-Star Difference

Rigorous In-House Testing

Our rigorous in-house testing ensures top-tier quality and reliability, guaranteeing that our memory solutions meet the highest performance and security standards.

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Worldwide Fast Shipment

Experience swift and secure worldwide shipment, delivering your memory solutions promptly to any corner of the globe, ensuring uninterrupted operations. We offer next day delivery on all orders within the UK via our partner, DHL.

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2 Year Warranty

Our 2-year warranty provides peace of mind, assuring that your memory solutions are backed by our commitment to lasting quality and reliability.

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Buy Back Memory Option

Explore our convenient buy-back memory option, offering flexibility and value by allowing you to trade in or repurpose your existing memory.

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Looking to enhance your business or corporation's server memory solution?

Ample server memory is essential for secure data storage and efficient daily operations. Mem-Star offers a diverse range of memory options from leading brands like Apple, Dell, IBM, and Micron, all at competitive prices. Upgrading existing servers not only saves costs but also significantly boosts performance and memory capacity. Reach out to us today to discuss how our memory solutions can benefit your organization. We cater to Government agencies, Corporations, and large-scale enterprises with extensive memory requirements. With over 25 years of IT project experience, Mem-Star is your reliable partner for cost-effective memory solutions, fostering long-lasting client relationships.

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Don't Be Overcharged On Server Memory

Mainstream manufactures such as HPE, Dell & IBM etc, all sell their own labeled memory, even though none of these companies actually produce the memory!

They actually purchase the memory from Samsung, SK Hynix or Micron and then simply stick a brand sticker on it with a higher price tag.

Mem-Star saves businesses thousands of pounds by offering exactly the same module, but without the original label, as under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, these companies cannot void your warranty for using our memory.

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We provide support to our customers through email and phone, from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. In most instances, responses to inquiries are issued within minutes.

Yes, depending on your businesses credit worthiness and a few other factors we can offer a 30 day account to businesses

Our prices on the site are priced to be very competitive, for small unit quantities, the price listed on the site is set, however for larger unit quantities we may be able to work out a discounted price.

By default we only offer next day delivery via DHL, However if you ring us it is possible to arrange a special same day shipment assuming we have the stock. Please note that same day shipments cost considerably more then next day DHL.

Open A Trade Memory Solutions Account

Trading With Mem-Star Distribution could not be easier.

Open a trade account with us today to take advantage of the memory solutions benefits that we have to offer:

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