The main component of any functional online platform is its server. The server memory accommodates all the resources that the company offers and wants to provide online, therefore, the larger its size, the better it functions.  Companies in all sorts of industries are all starting to realise that if they want to set up a platform that has high customer satisfaction rates, having a fully-functional website is virtually no-brainer. Therefore, in order for your website not to land face-first on this pavement and maintain your website as smooth as it can get, the very first thing you need to think about is having as much RAM as possible. Here we discuss four good reasons why upgrading your server memory is a no-brainer, even if you don’t need it at the moment.

1. More RAM means better server performance.

If there’s insufficient RAM on the platform, the Central Processing Unit, the so-called CPU, will go into a sedentary mode as there won’t be enough operational memory to deliver the actual data from hard drives to the CPU. In short, not having enough memory means not using your CPU’s full potential.

2. More RAM is more future-proof.

This point is similar to the first one, with one important message: more RAM means more bridges between the hard drives and CPUs. But this time, having more RAM is actually a means for being prepared for what’s going to come in the future. As technology becomes more advanced and sophisticated, so do the hardware requirements posed by this development. It’s absolutely crucial to have sufficient operational memory so that they can receive all the incoming requests from hard drives in real-time without a delay.

3. More RAM is much cheaper than more servers.

One additional perk of focusing on upgrading your RAM is how cheap it actually is.  Without breaking your bank account or even going bankrupt, you can boost your server’s productivity buy merely upgrading the memory at Mem-Star Distribution. Brand new servers cost thousands of pounds. It’s a no-brainer to go for an additional RAM.

4. Upgrading RAM is plain easy.

Its important to understand just how easy it is to find memory sticks and install them on your server. RAM is one of the cheapest server components you can find these days. To find out just how easy, check out our online instructions: Installing Server RAM On Your Computer Guide | Mem-Star Distribution Ltd