HP Server Upgrades are some of the most high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy on the market. Not only do they come with the backing of a well-known and respected brand, but they are also varied in their designs. Created to allow most types of server RAM upgrade, these items are all available to purchase online from Mem-Star Distribution. Having established ourselves as memory upgrade specialists, we work hard to provide 100% matched solutions for all servers. We want you to be able to match your products by brand, increasing the likelihood of a smooth upgrade.

We recognise that changing your server and upgrading your RAM is a new process for many. Even working specifically with HP devices provides its own range of complications. There is the need to understand whether servers need to be upgraded in pairs or groupings. And, alongside this, there is the issue of rank and rules to abide by. At Mem-Star Distribution, we also stock FB-DIMM, ECC DIMMs, and RDIMMs for all your memory upgrade needs.

As suppliers to the trade since 1995, we have created a team of professional, knowledgeable, and helpful individuals. If you cannot find what you’re looking for or need to speak to a member of our team about your new HP Server Upgrade, get in contact with us here today.

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Having procured from Mem-Star for 15 years I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. Amazing service, very professional and super quick delivery. I would highly recommend them.